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Better co-parenting, happier kids.

With OFW, your schedule, expenses, and communication are contained within one app, so you can solve shared custody challenges faster and without confusion. That means less conflict and more energy to focus on your children. Powerful tools document your parenting time, reimbursement requests, payments, exchanges, and more.

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The Experts in Remote Alcohol Monitoring Technology™

Soberlink is a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, Soberlink automatically documents proof of sobriety in real-time, helping to ensure child safety and promote peace of mind.

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Whether simply recommended, or mandated by the court as a support tool, has been proven to help families as they transition to a new normal. Contact us for your free administrative account. We look forward to partnering with you and be safe!

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The Suzie S. Thorn Family Foundation was established in 1998 in San Francisco, California.  It was established as a US Charity, 501(c)3 primarily to assist underprivileged women and children and supports a variety of organizations, locally, national and internationally.  It is dedicated to family improvement through education. 

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The only comprehensive mediation software platform designed especially for dispute resolution professionals.

Designed to support you at every step, ADR Notable brings automation to the management of mediation. We listened to practicing mediators to build a secure, cloud-based platform that is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

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Tony supports pre- and post-divorce parents with the education, processes, skills, and structures they need to transition from their intimate partner/spousal/adversarial relationship into new roles as managers of a business designed to respectfully coparent their children.  He models and facilitates respectful conversation between coparents with an eye toward developing alignment, and agreement where possible.  Failing that, Tony efficiently presents a reasoned (binding, subject to judicial review) recommendation in the best interest of the children. 

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An e-learning community to support separating & divorcing families globally to become empowered and to thrive in two homes.

Up A Notch Learning Inc. is an e-learning community which supports separating & divorcing families globally to become empowered and to thrive in two homes by providing positive & constructive free resources and course content. We are grateful to serve families directly and to reinforce & enhance the work of divorce professionals.  Click the link below to learn more and join free. As a member you will have instant access to our free resources and can check out our premium courses.

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Overcoming Barriers is dedicated to Rethinking Parent Child Contact problems and provides resources, consultation and education to professionals. Find more information about our work and latest publication, Overcoming the Alienation Crisis; 33 Coparenting Solutions on our website.


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EXPERIENCE. INNOVATION. ASSISTANCE. Whether you need a standard or customized drug screening panel, our representatives will be happy to speak with you.

USDTL is a specialty reference and research laboratory that uses the best science available to provide our partners with ground-breaking, advanced specimen alcohol and substance of abuse testing for any stage of life (newborn, children, and adult). We are a leader in the field of forensic toxicology and provide the most complete drug analysis and specimen alternatives available. We believe that better options lead to better knowledge. For more information, visit us at or call 800.235.2367.


The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) is the oldest judicial membership organization in the country and provides all judges, courts, and related agencies involved with juvenile, family, and domestic violence cases with the knowledge and skills to improve the lives of the families and children who seek justice. The vision of the NCJFCJ is a society in which every family and child has access to fair, equal, effective and timely justice.

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International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) is an international community of legal, mental health, and financial professionals working together to create client-centered processes for resolving conflict. Our mission is to transform the way families resolve conflict by building a global community of Collaborative Practice and consensual dispute resolution professionals. For over 20 years, IACP and Collaborative professionals have helped families in crisis move forward with customized post-divorce plans as an alternative to punitive litigation.  



With over 15,000 articles, news items, blog postings and videos, and over 5 million annual visitor sessions, is the world’s leading mediation web site. hosts the world’s most used Mediator Directory, connecting professionals offering mediation services and people needing mediation services. also offers a wide spectrum of trainings and classes from top instructors at, and's Caseload Manager software powers more than 130 leading dispute resolution programs at organizations like NASA, IMF, and the Red Cross.


America's Peacemakers: The Community Relations Service and Civil Rights tells the behind-the-scenes story of a small federal agency that made a big difference in civil rights conflicts over the last half century. In this second edition of Resolving Racial Conflict: The Community Relations Service and Civil Rights, 1964–1989, Grande Lum continues Bertram Levine’s excellent scholarship, expanding the narrative to consider the history of the Community Relations Service (CRS) of the U.S. Department of Justice over the course of the last three decades. That the Trump administration has sought to eliminate CRS gives this book increased urgency and relevance.


Court Involved Training + Consultation exists to develop high-quality, research informed, and compassionate therapists who support families in life after divorce.

  1. Specialization Training: 12-hour course to cover all the basics.
  2. Consultation: Monthly consultation groups led by experts in the field.
  3. Community: Join our free Facebook Community to connect with other therapists and get some quick A’s to your Q’s.


AFCC is an interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children and families through the resolution of family conflict.